csci 4 :: programming project 4 (due by midnight on friday, dec 13)
Submitting your work:

Complete this exercise on your own.

Solve the problem described below by designing, implementing, and testing a Python program.

Email your Python code to the instructor at before the deadline.


For this project, you will (1) design and (2) and implement a simple adventure game. You can choose any theme for your game you want -- fighting monsters and collecting gold, picking up and eating candy, flying a spaceship to different planets to trade goods, raising animals on a farm, tutoring a student for school -- any theme you want, as long as your game addresses the technical requirements (listed below).

We will share game design ideas and theme ideas together in class, so do not worry if you have not played or created a game like this before.

Your program will, ultimately, be designed and implemented as an object-oriented system. It is assumed that when you start you do not know object-orientation, but do not let that stop you -- you can implement the program as you have implemented your other programs to date, and translate it later into an object-oriented system. We will work together in class so you will know how to do this.

Your program will have the following components:

Document all of your Python files using this sample as a guide.

You can find a starter implementation here (you will need all three files -- run

Challenge yourself:

If you have time, enhance your program to include one or more of the following features:

Total points for this programming project:

600 points