hist 10 :: reading summary 10 (due thurs, oct 30)
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  1. Has any person, institution, or company profited from selling HeLa cells over the years? If yes, provide one example of such a person, institution, or company.
  2. What was the cause of Henrietta's cervical cancer, and when was this cause discovered?
  3. Briefly describe the conditions at the Hospital for the Negro Insane at Crownsville, as they would have been when Elsie Lacks was there. Provide one specific example that illustrates these conditions.
  4. Briefly describe the current state of patients' rights relating to tissues removed from their bodies. What is the Common Rule, and does it legally protect patients' rights to consent to research on tissues removed from their bodies?
  5. Why, in your opinion, did the author choose to focus so much of the book on Deborah Lacks?
  6. Briefly describe what you consider to be your "takeaway" from reading the book. For example, you may have found an interesting discussion of issues that are relevant to contemporary society, or events in the past that shaped our world today in significant ways, or a human interest story, or something else entirely.

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