hist 10 :: reading summary 14 (due thurs, dec 4)
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  1. According to Klosterman, what "set the glam aesthetic apart from other forms of loud rock 'n' roll?" Does he argue that there was, or was not, any connection with the real lives of the hard rock audience? Use quotes from the text to support your answer.
  2. Does Klosterman argue that 80s metal was, or was not, sexist? Does he find this significant? Do you find similar attitudes being expressed in popular music today? Provide one or two brief examples to support your argument.
  3. According to Klosterman, did heavy metal fans eschew all other popular music? what, if any, examples does he provide?
  4. Why does Klosterman argue that Kurt Cobain's suicide was the only "great thing" that happened to music in the 1990s? Do you agree with is assertion? Briefly explain your answer.
  5. In the chapter "October 15, 1988" Klosterman discusses albums that are the most important to him. What five songs or albums are the most important to you?

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