hist 10 :: reading summary 9 (due thurs, oct 23)
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  1. Briefly describe the "HeLa factory" that was created shortly after Henrietta's death. For what specific purpose was this "factory" built?
  2. Did Henrietta's family know that her cells were being grown in quantity and used in medical research?
  3. Briefly describe the origins of the Lacks family name.
  4. What is the Nuremberg Code, and how does it relate to the story of HeLa cells?
  5. Briefly describe the "HeLa bomb" and what it meant for medical research using tissue culture.
  6. Briefly describe the origins of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and its charge to serve black children.
  7. Share one piece of information you learned from reading chapter 12-22 of the book that was not elicited by one of the questions above.

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