history 10 :: in the news

Purchase at least one (1) newspaper (newsprint NOT online) each week and do the following:

  1. select one article, op/ed piece, or obituary that contains a reference of historic import or interest and clip the article and a corner of the paper containing the name of the paper and the date of publication
  2. using 3"x5" index card(s) (you may use front and back):
    • write your name
    • write the name of the newspaper and the date from which you took the clipping
    • write the title of the article or name of the person in the obituary
    • write a 1-2 sentence summary of the article or the birth location/year and death location/year of the person in the obituary
    • write 1-3 sentences describing the historical reference in the article
  3. staple your index card(s) and newspaper clippings together and submit to the instructor
Points for each submission:

50 points