hist 10 :: reading summary 10 (due wed, nov 4)
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  1. List three (3) of the reasons that the author provides to explain his statement that "Despite the outward appearance of calm and satisfaction, Sputnik appeared at a moment when America was anxious on several fronts."
  2. In addition to the appearance that the US had fallen behind the Soviet Union in the Space Race, what domestic incident in the US had a negative effect on international opinions (particulary in the developing world) in the late 1950s?
  3. What "weaknesses in American society" does the author argue "came under even more serious fire" after the Vanguard rocket failure in November, 1957?
  4. Describe the key points of the Gaither report of 1957. What was the reaction (as recorded in the memoirs of President Eisenhower) of the American public to the Gaither report?
  5. Briefly describe the first two US satellites to be sent into orbit (when, who, their payload, etc.).

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