hist 10 :: reading summary 12 (due wed, dec 2)
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  1. Name and describe the "ripple effect" of the "simple technological breakthrough" that the author argues shaped the "entire American disco experience."
  2. List and briefly describe the three (3) "founding fathers" of hip hop as presented by the author.
  3. List the three stereotypes of the "pantheon of preheroin black criminality" described by the author. What drug, according to the author, led to the situation where "materialism replaced spirituality" on the streets? What sub-genre of hip hop is a "direct by-product of the crack explosion?"
  4. What purpose, according to the author, does pride play for "many African American males?" What is the connection to hip hop?
  5. According to the author, is hip hop a "solely African American" form of music? What are the three (3) non-African American influences/forces behind hip hop culture?

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