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csci 21 :: project 3


Write a C++ program that does the following:

  1. (50 pts) source files contain commenting with brief description, filename, and programmer name
  2. (50 pts) has neat and consistent formatting and naming
  3. (50 pts) uses a Makefile to manage compilation
  4. (400 pts) implement a templated doubly-linked list with:
    • functions to support the required OPERATIONS (see OPERATIONS link below)
  5. (200 pts) implement a driver that:
    • accepts a single command-line argument (name of input file); if there is no command-line argument or the file cannot be opened, display an appropriate error message
    • reads in and processes, from the command-line specified text file, a series of OPERATIONS on an instance of a templated (unsigned int) doubly-linked list (see OPERATIONS link below)
    • produces outputs matching the required output format (see OUTPUTS link below)

Starter/helper files:

Turn-in instructions:

When you are done email your project (all source files) to jboydt@foobt.net.

Deadline is midnight, fri, nov 30 (50 points deducted each 24 hours past the deadline).