csci 21 :: programming project 2 (due before midnight on fri, apr 4)


Submitting your work:

Be sure to add new files, commit, and push your changes to your GitHub repository before the deadline before the project deadline.

Unit test:

The UNIT TEST for this challenge: project-2-unit-test.cpp

Sample implementations:


The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to use static and dynamic arrays and to introduce you to object-oriented programming in C++.

For this project you will implement two classes, a data model and an array controller. You will also implement a driver and interface that allows your code to be tested interactively. The functionality of your classes will also be evaluated against the UNIT TEST for this project.

For the interactive test, you may use CinReader or your input handling functions (if applicable).

All of your functions must be robust. For example, functions that access arrays should not allow invalid index values..


!! If the program you submit does not compile and run you will receive an automatic zero (0) on this project. !!

Total points for this programming project:

750 points