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posted 7 June 2015
All of the grades for the semester have been entered. Please double-check your grades and contact the instructor if you find something missing or incorrect.

posted 21 May 2015
Final exam has been posted. Due in hard copy by 3pm on Tues, May 26.

posted 28 Apr 2015
[OPTIONAL, REQUIRES AN AMAZON AWS ACCOUNT] If you are interested in cloud-based computing, consider setting up an Amazon EC2 Linux instance (free for minimal use, see the pricing model here). Use this tutorial to get started.

posted 5 Apr 2015
Midterm 2 goes live on Thurs, Apr 9. Due at the start of class on Tues, Apr 14.

posted 17 Feb 2015
Midterm 1 goes live on Thurs, Feb 19. Due at the start of class on Mon, Feb 24.