Butte College Spring 2015
Course Information
Course #/Control #: CSCI 26−1262
Course title: Introduction to Linux/UNIX System Administration
Course description: This course introduces students to the basic concepts and practices of computer system administration in a Linux/UNIX operating system environment. Using the Linux/UNIX command-line interface, students will perform system administration tasks including the installation and configuration of a Linux/UNIX operating system on a computer, hardware and software installation and management, and user account creation and supervision. Students will learn and apply standard security practices in Linux/UNIX such as user and group permissions and the proper configuration of essential system services. The course prepares students to take industry certification exams in basic Linux/UNIX system administration such as CompTIA Linux+.
Student Learning Outcomes: Upon the satisfactory completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Identify and describe the fundamental components of the Linux/UNIX system architecture.
  2. Use the Linux/UNIX command-line interface to perform all basic system administration tasks.
  3. Install and manage a Linux/UNIX operating system and software packages on a Linux/UNIX system.
  4. Install and configure hardware devices on a Linux/UNIX system
  5. Create and properly supervise user accounts on a Linux/UNIX system.
  6. Write and execute shell scripts to automate repetitive system administration tasks.
  7. Administer essential Linux/UNIX system services.
  8. Employ standard practices to ensure system integrity and security.
Class meeting time/place: TTh 3:00-5:30pm, MC 125
Course web page: http://foobt.net/spring2015/csci26_1262
Instructor Information
Instructor name: Boyd Trolinger
Office: MC 241
Office hours: MW 11:30am-12:00pm, CHC 232; TTh 2:00-3:00pm, MC 240; by appointment
Phone number: 895-2503
Email: jboydt@foobt.net
Course Materials
Required text: Evi Nemeth, et al., "UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook," 4th edition
Course Requirements
Assigned reading: Textbook and online readings will be assigned over the course of the semester to reinforce lecture material.
Daily challenges: Students will complete and submit a daily challenges at the end of most class meetings. Daily challenges will be posted on the course website. Daily challenges must be submitted in hard-copy before 5:30pm (the end of the class period) on their due date. No late daily challenges will be accepted, for any reason, though attendance chits you have earned (please read below) can be spent to earn a one week grace period on a limited number of daily challenges.
Quizzes and exams: There will be two midterms and one final exam. Exams will be based on material covered in lecture, lab, homework, and assigned readings. Quizzes may be given during lecture and lab to assess your understanding of course topics. The two midterm exams will be take-home, and must be submitted in hard-copy at the start of class (meaning, you must arrive with your exam completed and printed) on their due dates.
Late work and attendance chits: Late work will not be accepted for daily challenges or the midterm exams for any reason. That said, you may spend attendance chits (if you have enough) to turn in daily challenges and midterm exams up to one week late without any deductions. You will earn one (1) attendance chit for each class that you attend (you will not earn an attendance chit if you arrive late for class). The cost for submitting a late daily challenge is ten (10) attendance chits and the cost for submitting a late midterm exam is twenty (20) chits. If you have attendance chits left over on the day of the final exam, you will be given an opportunity to spend your left over chits to earn credit against the final exam.
Participation/Drop policy: Regular attendance and active participation in this course is a requirement. The best learning environment for everyone is created when all students are present and engaged in the material. Any student who misses more than four (4) class meetings or four (4) assignments in a row (whichever comes first) will be dropped from the course. PLEASE NOTE: arriving late for class will be counted just the same as an absence.
Honesty and integrity: All of the work you do in this course must be your own, unless otherwise directed by the instructor (for example, pair or group activities). Cheating or plagiarism on any assignment will result in a zero for that assignment.
Computing your semester grade: All semester grades are computed as the percentage of points you earned against the total possible points. Letter grades are awarded as follows -- A (90%), B (80%), C (70%), D (60%), F (below 60%). The levels and achievements (where applicable) are listed only to provide a rough guideline of your progress in your class and should not be considered the final determination of your grade.
Level 10 (A*) : 4275 pts and higher (!BOFH!)
Level 9 (A) : 4050 pts and higher
Level 8 (B) : 3600 pts and higher
Level 7 (C) : 3150 pts and higher
Level 6 (D) : 2700 pts and higher
Level 5 : 2250 pts and higher (Level 5 and below earn F)
Level 4 : 1800 pts and higher
Level 3 : 1350 pts and higher
Level 2 : 900 pts and higher
Level 1 : 450 pts and higher
Level 0 : below 400 points
Earning points: Daily challenges - 30 @ 100 pts each, 3000 pts
Midterm #1 - 250 pts
Midterm #2 - 500 pts
Final exam - 750 pts

Total possible - 4500 pts
Miscellaneous Information
Please review the Butte College Attendance Guidelines and Butte College Academic Honesty documents that detail official Butte College policy relevant to these matters.
A course outline is on file in the department office. If a student would like to have a copy, please request one from the instructor.
The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides academic support services to Butte College students. It is located inside the Learning Resource Center on main campus and in CHC 230 and 231 at the Chico Center. CAS is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00, and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on main campus. Hours for CAS at the Chico Center are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and Wednesday evening, 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Free services include Tutoring, Computer Labs, Workshops, Group Study Rooms on main campus, and TIP Sheets. Students may take a Critical Skills for College Success 1/2−unit course through CAS. For more information, go to www.butte.edu/cas.