csci 21 :: programming project 3 (due by 12 noon fri, apr 20)
Submitting your work:

Email the following to me at, with the subject line CSCI 21 Project #3:

  1. all of your source files (do NOT send executables, object files, or catch.hpp)
Sample implementations (require an input file):

Implement a template doubly linked list with full functionality.

Your program will read in and process, from a text file, a series of commands for a template doubly linked list. Each line of the input file will contain a single command, in the following format: OPERATION [DATA]. The operations will be performed on a single instance of a doubly-linked list of uint32_t integers.

The OPERATION will be one of the OPERATIONs list below. DATA will only appear for certain types of operations.


Required output format (your outputs must be EXACTLY as specified to pass testing):

To complete this assignment successfully, you will need to implement the following:

View a sample input file here.

Total points for this programming project:

600 points