hist 10 :: biographical essay stage one (due mon, oct 5)


Your assignment:

Locate a minimum of three (3) (five (5) or more is better) sources of information about your biographical essay subject. You may use any combination of Internet sites, books, magazines, etc. You should endeavor to read through these sources and try to identify the sources that seem both (1) the most thorough and (2) the most authoritative.

Prepare an annotated bibliography (your annotations should be formatted using MLA style, and should be relatively short (3-5 sentences) that focus on summarizing the source) for your selected sources.

If you have never prepared an annotated bibliography, consider viewing this video and this video.

You can find guides and examples of annotated bibliographies by performing a Google search, or referring to this guide or this example.

Your annotated bibliography must follow these formatting requirements:


If you need help with writing, formatting, conducting research, citation style, etc., please sign up for a CAS workshop:

Total points for this draft:

200 points