csci 20 :: programming project 1 (due by midnight on friday, feb 19)
Submitting your work:

Complete this exercise on your own.

Solve the problem described below by designing, implementing, and testing a C++ console application.

Email your source file (main.cpp if you are using Code::Blocks) to the instructor at before the deadline.


The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to practice using CinReader to handle user keyboard inputs, performing arithmetic operations, and to develop your C++ programming style.

For this project, you will implement a basic integer math tutor program. The program will generate two random integers between 1 (do you know why we will not use 0?) and 100, then quiz the user on the answers to each of the following calculations:

Keep track of the number of correct and incorrect answers, and total problems attempted by your user. When your user has completed the quiz, display the number of correct and incorrect answers, the total problems attempted, and the percentage of correct and incorrect answers against the total number of problems attempted.

Download and use this starter file, which contains a program loop that allows your user to continue their quiz session until they choose to quit.

You are required to use CinReader to handle keyboard input. Program output must be neatly and consistently formatted.

Total points for this programming project:

500 points