csci 20 :: programming project 2 (due by midnight on friday, mar 25)
Submitting your work:

Complete this exercise on your own.

Solve the problem described below by designing, implementing, and testing a C++ console application.

Email your source file (main.cpp if you are using Code::Blocks) to the instructor at before the deadline.


Use this starter file, which contains a function to clear the screen (clearing the screen will improve your program output).

View a sample of the running program by downloading an running this example (Windows only).

The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to practice using decisions, loops, and C++ strings, and to implement a class that contains accessor and mutator functions.

For this project, you will implement a class that provides utility functions for working with C++ strings. Your program will run inside a loop and provide the user with a menu of the following options (each option will map to a function in your C++ string utility class):

You are required to use CinReader to handle keyboard input. Program output must be neatly and consistently formatted.

Total points for this programming project:

500 points