csci 20 :: programming project 4 (due by midnight on friday, may 20)
Submitting your work:

Complete this exercise on your own.

Solve the problem described below by designing, implementing, and testing a C++ console application.

Email all of your source files to the instructor at before the deadline.


View a sample of the running program by downloading and running the example (Windows; Mac).

The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to continue practicing the following:

For this project, you will implement a text-based adventure game. We will look at a few examples of text-based adventure games in class, so do not worry if you have not played or seen this type of game before.

Your game must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. use inheritance
  2. use initialization lists
  3. manage an array in at least one class
  4. manage a vector in at least one class
  5. separate all of your header and implementation files (.h and .cpp files)

Looking for ideas, inspiration, or just need to try a text adventure game for the first time? Try these websites ("Colossal Cave Adventure" is considered the first computer text adventure):

Total points for this programming project:

500 points