posted 18 May 2020
(NEW!) If you are interested in learning how floating point values are represented in binary, you can complete this assignment. Check your answers against the answer key. Optional and not a part of the grading for the course.

posted 27 Mar 2020
All assignments for the remainder of the semester will be accepted through Sunday of their due weeks (EX: lab 9 will be accepted up to Sun, Apr 5).

posted 19 Mar 2020
I will host an informational broadcast on Wednesday, March 25, at 10:00am, to help you prepare for the remainder of the semester (

posted 19 Mar 2020
Lecture and lab will resume on Thursday, March 26, on my Twitch channel (

posted 25 Feb 2020
A couple of resources for you to do some learning on the side -- (1) The Missing Semester (MIT), (2) NSA COMP 3321 (NSA Python Course)